Eaglesham Lakeside Golf & Country Club Executive

Eaglesham Lakeside Board of Directors 2012 Report
(Posted spring 2013)

The Board of Directors would like to thank everyone again this year for attending our Annual General Meeting. We would also like to thank all of our hired staff as well as all of our volunteers for all of the dedication and hard work that they have put in this past year. Without all of you, we would not have had a successful year. JOB WELL DONE AND THANK YOU!!!

We ended the 2011 season on October 31st, 2011 with $-621 (in the red) in our chequing account and $33,085 in our Casino account. As was explained in last year's Board of Director's Report, this Casino money was budgeted to cover our Junior Golf Program, as well as our insurance for the next 2 years for the months where there is no income November through May. Even though we had to cancel the Farmer's Tournament (which is typically our largest fund raising tournament) due to bad weather, we ended the 2012 season on October 31st, 2012 with $29,968 in our chequing account and $19,879 in our Casino account. Again JOB WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!

The Board had its challenges again this year with the elected President, Vice President, and Secretary resigning. Murielle Marceau replaced Jerry Mazurek as Vice President. Mike and Joyce Cyr, Marcel Bedard and I joined the Board on August 4th. That day, Dave Squires was elected as Secretary replacing Allan Schramm, and I was elected as President replacing Terry Tuffs.

Our Treasurer Sharon Bedard has given her official resignation effective January 12, 2013. We will fill this position this evening. Thank you Sharon for all of your contributions. Doris Mazurek has advised the board that she will not be Chairing Jr. Golf for 2013, and Jerry Mazurek has given his resignation as a Board Member. Thank you Doris and Jerry for all of your contributions.

Most of the greens started out in pretty rough shape last spring, and we struggled with a fungus on some greens as well. It was a tricky one to diagnose, but long story short, when water was thought needed, it was water that was too much, and the fungus thrived. Bill did a great job in diagnosing and treating them. We ended the season with the greens in fairly good condition. Good Job, Bill and Grounds Staff! Thank You. We purchased a new greens brush machine, in part from the Casino Account, and it works well. Bill does a little dance every time he uses it! The Deductible to replace the golf cart that was stolen in 2011 season was paid from the Casino Account. The colour match is only one shade off from the rest of the fleet................OKAY It's a totally different colour!

The Clubhouse was well managed this year with a lot of skill, finesse and attention to detail. The Clubhouse catered for the Eaglesham Fair Supper as well as kept our Clubhouse going simultaneously! The damage to a power cart and greens by three young men was promptly dealt with in a very professional manner. Good Job, Diane and Clubhouse Staff. Thank You.

A special thanks to the existing Board and Committee Members for their hard work and dedication in effectively dealing with all of the situations that arose during the season. Great Job and Thank You!


Marc Jodoin

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